Domestic and Industrial Installations

AEM Electrical, domestic and industrial electrical installation services play a crucial role in providing safe and reliable electrical systems

Generators Services

AEM Electrical generator services in Johannesburg play a vital role in ensuring reliable backup power solutions for residential, commercial,

Maintenance & New Installations

AEM Electrical is a reputable company in Johannesburg specializing in electrical maintenance and new installations. With their expertise and

PV Solar Installations

AEM Electrical, a trusted company in Johannesburg, specializes in electrical PV solar installations, providing sustainable and environmentally friendly energy

Transformer Services and Maintenance

AEM Electrical, a reputable company in Johannesburg, offers comprehensive electrical transformer services and maintenance solutions. Their expertise in transformers

Testing and Issuing C.O.C

AEM Electrical in Johannesburg provides comprehensive electrical testing services and issues Certificates of Compliance (C.O.C) to ensure the safety